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Does anyone know of a solution for flat rendering BISF houses without installing EWI?

My understanding is that it’s pretty difficult to do and not have it crack due to movement between the profiles steel first floor exterior and concrete ground floor exterior.

If there is a reliable render to achieve this I would imagine it’s cheaper to do it and internally insulate than to pay for EWI. I know some renders do have a bit more tolerance in them.

Any ideas?

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We’ve spoken to our friends at Wetherby Building Products for you today and they tell me that it is fine for you to render over the existing concrete render which is typically found on the bottom half of a BISF House.

If previously painted, you would need to coat the area with a stabilising solution first and then you would be able to apply a silicone render or a render and dash product.

You could also render over the upper steel portion of the house but you would first need to fix 2400x 1200 render carrier boards onto the surface first. On top of this would be a mesh scrim coat which sits very hard and provides extra support. The surface can then be rendered as stated above.

The carrier boards cost around £27.00 each plus vat but the render prices vary depending on the product selected.

Old cracked or hollow render should be removed first and filled with an appropriate product similar to the base coat scrim.

All of this is without the need for insulation boards.

We hope this helps.

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