Hello All,

I wonder if anyone out there can help?
I’m currently self building a two storey side extension on my BISF in Swindon and have now got to the point of first floor wall plates.

My next stage is to purchase fabricated timber roof trusses.

I was wondering if anyone as had experience of new timber trusses on bisf side extension and how you went about tying them into the existing property/ gable? I would also like both the old and new roofs at the rear elevation to run seamless from old to new, this isn’t a problem at the front as planning have insisted I set front down and back.

Ideally I would also like to know if I decide to remove the asbestos cement roof sheets and underlying celotex style insulation that I could cover the roof with composite slates as appose to lightweight roof covering like Metrotile, I guess I was wondering if the weight of slates were much heavier than asbestos sheets?

Sorry to be a bit vague.

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