Shortly after the purchase of my property I decided to undertake a self build, and after a bit of homework I started the ball rolling with application submission etc.
My first application was refused which was a little frustrating, however not to be deterred the drawings were altered slightly and resubmitted, this time the application was successful, I then employed the services of a private Building inspector and off we went into the unknown.

I have a certain knowledge of conventional building work, however joining onto a BISF property is not conventional, it was plain sailing really with regards footings dug, drainage re routed, oversight slab laid.
The decision I was torn with was connecting new to old end elevations, after a lot of homework I settled on two options.Fixing using wall ties which would move with the structure due to the nature of the BISF construction, or build the extension totally independent of the existing structure, I chose for several reason the latter.

The second main decision I needed to make was the asbestos roof covering, personally I was not happy encapsulating it for a lot of reasons, least of all when selling the property potential buyers knowing it was there, also I could not guarantee the roof steels could cope with the additional weight, I therefore decided to remove the old roof in its entirety and replace the whole build with Metrotile.

I’m nearly finished outside, I just need to replace the existing three front elevation windows and the encapsulate. I have many images, which are all about 3mb, is there any way of uploading?

I would be very glad of any comments or questions.


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