Hi, has anyone got any recommendations for sound proofing the inside walls that seperate 2 joining BISF houses?

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Thanks Ed.

I’ll look into that. We still have the original board (not plasterboard). Did you put any insulation inbetween the plaster board and concrete blocks?

Did you do anything at floor board level?

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Hi, not sure whether all BISF houses have a similar party wall but I would say ours is more sound proof than average for party walls. There are two layers of very dense concrete blocks (with or without cavity I’m not sure). This decreases to a single layer in the loft.

Each side is dry-lined with plasterboard mounted on horizontal timber battens.

I replaced the plasterboard with special sound insulating plasterboard. Can’t really say how much of a difference it has made as we did not have a problem before as the neighbours are pretty quiet.

You could further dampen sound by putting batts type sound insulation in the gap between the board and the concrete blocks and use special sound insulating sealant on the battens where the plasterboard is screwed on. The idea is that the board is slightly insulated from the wall and the sealant dampens vibrations coming through.

Hope this helps!


  • felicitybowers

    Hi Ed, the neighbours in between us did say to me that they had noticed a difference with your soundproofing! Felicity

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