This may appear a stupid question but I am going to ask it anyway. We bought our house in December 2014 and have had the metal bannisters removed and replaced with ash and glass. It seemed a waste to renew the whole staircase as a metal one will never rot. The carpet that was already down was glued to the stairs but obviously I want to replace it. I want to put underfelt pads on with the carpet over but how do we get the carpet to stay. All the rods I have seen are screwed into the riser and step. What does everybody else do? The steps on our stairs are timber but the risers are metal. Any ideas welcome.

Thank you


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Thank you. The wood isn’t in good enough condition to just sand and paint so I did need to cover it. I will use those without any decoration on the front.

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Hi and welcome, ours is held by the normal gripper strips (wooden strips with little metal points). I presume they are glued to the stairs, as no nails or screws show through underneath.


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