I know this is already posted by others but over 8m + ago and no further updated info.

For a BISF house, is it possible to reinforce internally or only externally?

The rear of the property is significantly corroded and requires immediate attention. I was planning on reinforcing the stanchions internally on the 2 end corners and next year do an extensive external repair, which will mean removing all the concrete render and having to thermally insulate/recover at the same time.

Has anyone done this? Is it best to use thermal boards and render over with basic concrete render or also with thermal render over the top? Or no thermal boards and just use thermal render material?

I have read that the companies that do this work protect the inner walls in the meantime by covering with board? What board would this be for protection and would you then leave it in place and put the thermal boards over the top? Or the mesh, render?

Seems to be so many ways to skin the cat, i.e. fix a BISF house, I am just asking which option would be the easiest and optimally also the cheapest.

Any advice and photos greatly appreciated.


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