My lender has valued my Steel framed house as 0 because the surveyor claimed I have not “repaired” the house i.e. I need to put cladding or something else to protect the steel frame.

Does anyone know what I need to do and who can I contact that is a reliable builder for such houses and gives guarantees and does a good job.

Also what are alternatives to cladding and do I need to do whole house or half to secure the mortgage please.

Thanks for any help


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Hello Anita
Thank you for sending me a copy of your valuation by e-mail

I have taken a look at the valuation report and to be honest it’s probably one of the worst reports that I have ever seen.
It looks as though the surveyor has taken one look at the property and decided that it is a PRC concrete house or other type of defective property and simply decided to state that the property does not meet the lenders guidance.

The reason why I have reached this assumption is because the surveyor suggests adding cladding and insulation and obtaining a certificate.
There is no certificate that you can obtain for a BISF house but there are certificates that can be obtained for repair work to PRC houses.

As you know, the BISF house is not classed as a defective dwelling and therefore it does not require any form of certification.

I can only suggest that you ask the surveyor to tell you what type of certificate he suggests you obtain. This may clarify the situation.
In general though, the Woolwich is not a well known lender in respect to BISF houses. I think you would be better off approaching Santander or the Halifax.

Let me know if I can help you further but to be honest, it sounds like your surveyor hasn’t got a clue about BISF house construction.

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Hi Anita
I agree with Ed but there are some mortgage companies that will not lend against a BISF house unless it has been insulated with external wall insulation, but these are very few are far between.

Can you tell us who your mortgage application is with and which company conducted the survey as we need a little more information to reach a proper conclusion.

What Ed said about PRC homes is very true, sometimes surveyors wrongly classify the house, mainly due to inexperience.

Do you have a digital copy of the survey that you could send me to [email protected] house.com ?

Also can you confirm what type of house you own, is it a BISF house or a house of a different construction?


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Hi Anita, it sounds as though your surveyor may have mistaken your house for a precast reinforced concrete (PRC) house. These (unlike a BISF house) are not mortgageable without a “repair” certificate – “repair” being the term for what is basically a reconstruction.

Alternatively it may just mean that the external cladding or render, original or not, is in poor repair and needs attention. So I think you need to ask them exactly what they mean.


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