I am in the process of selling my house which I bought 13 years ago with a mortgage.
It is a steel frame house Truesteel Mk 2. When I bought it there was no mention of any problems in the survey. My purchasers surveyor has told me that it is unmortgageable because of the cavity wall insulation, which I had no idea it had!!
therefore, I am in a situation where I am being told I need to take out the insulation and get a structural survey done.
I have a quote for the removal, but am trying to ascertain the costs of the survey, and also what type and if the steel is corroded the approximate costs involved there.
I hope you can help to advise and put me in touch with correct people to do the work.
Many thanks
Angela House

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Hello Angela
This is the first time that I have heard of this situation in a Trusteel MKII house. Can you elaborate any further on exactly what they are saying is wrong with the insulation?

It may well be that the surveyor did not understand the construction type of your house.
It is certainly not on the designated as defective list, under the Housing Act 1985.

I would certainly not let anyone start taking my walls part or remove the insulation unless it was hazardous to health or to the property. A Boroscope can be used to view sections of the frame if needed.

This may be one sale to walk away from but if you can send me a copy of the report to [email protected] I may be able to comment more.



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They are saying that the cavity wall insulation must be removed, because it can deteriorate to steels because of condensation and the steels then need to be inspected for any corrosion.
We have tried to get a copy of the survey but they will not give us one, due to the survey being the first purchasers and the second happen to have the same surveyors who passed the information onto them.
We have someone to take out insulation, but need to get the steels inspected….

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