Hello there,

We currently privately rent a non standard construction house that we are hoping to buy. The trouble we’re having is identifying the type of house it is (we believe it to be BISF) when it was built and whether it has had a repair scheme carried out.
Who holds this type of information as our building society are telling us we need to have it to hand when we apply for a mortgage on a nsc house?

Many thanks

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This is a very common question so maybe it would be good to have some sort of guide to identifying a BISF house? It’s not difficult – I was able to identify this house as BISF with a fairly quick internet search comparing with photos of steel framed houses I found without having any previous knowledge of non traditional construction.

I think the key is many people seem to think BISF construction is just to do with what the house is made of, in the same way that a brick constructed house can be pretty much any shape or size. But it’s better to think of identifying a BISF house as being like identifying a model of vehicle or type of animal or plant… eg if you have an unidentified minibus it can’t be a WV Beetle, or if you have an animal with feathers it can’t be a fish etc.

A BISF house can be quite easily identified by its shape, the number, shape and relative position of the windows and doors, the simple pitched roof etc

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Hello Stacey,
Thank you for providing your postcode via e-mail.
I can confirm that your property is indeed a BISF (British Iron & Steel Federation) property, that does not require any certification whatsoever.

The property is in near original condition externally, apart from the addition of UPVC cladding to the upper storey and more importantly, it has benefited from a steel roofing system (possibly Decra Tile) which will help with securing a mortgage as many lenders do not favour the original corrugated asbestos roofing sheets which many properties were built with.

I can’t see any obvious signs of these properties having undergone any type of external insulation upgrade but this is not normally a pre-requisite to obtaining a mortgage.

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Hi, I can understand your predicament but the only way we can assist is for you to provide the postcode of your street so we can view the property on Google street view and hopefully identify the property type for you.

If it is a BISF house, it wont require any certification. Certificates are only required for properties designated as defective under the relevant housing act. BISF houses are not classed as defective.

You can either provide your streets postcode here or send it to us at [email protected] and we will take a look for you.

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