i know this may not be the place to ask as a trusteel framed house is different to a bisf house but does any one have and background on trusteel houses and problems with them or extension problems?

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Hi Phil, there’s no problem at all with your question.

The only real similarity is that they are both metal framed but the Trusteel house has a totally different frame structure.

I should be able to provide you with more information after the weekend as I’m due to write a Trusteel article another site that I’m currently working on for Non-Standard Houses.

So please hold fire till then and I should have something further for you but before then, here’s a couple of frame related images for you.

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  • phill gardner

    thanks marc, cheers for getting back in touch. will look forward to seeing your article. ive been struggling to find info on them as mine seems to be the only one (apart from connecting property) in the area.

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