I see a lot of bisf houses fitted with white cladding to the top part covering the steel sheets. Is this cladding a good choice of covering and is it easy to keep clean?

Also does anyone know how much the cladding costs and what is needed to fix it to the steel.

I’ve seen some that seem to bevel in the middle as though they aren’t supported properly, is this normal?



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Hello Dave
White UPVC cladding is a popular choice for cladding over the upper section of a BISF house mainly because it is cost effective and relatively easy to install.

Sagging occurs when the installer has failed to install sufficient timer battens to which the cladding is screwed into. UPVC cladding was not really designed to be used in such large areas but where it is used, sufficient support is vital.

UPVC cladding is also not maintenance free and requires regular cleaning to maintain its looks. Some cladding can easily stain over time making it difficult to clean. Sometimes specialist solvent or cream cleaners are used to remove stubborn marks, but this be time consuming. Access to higher levels for cleaning can also be difficult and dangerous if the correct platform or access method is not used.

Costs for cladding can vary wildly but expect to pay anything from £1k -£3k.

It is worth noting, that following changes to the Green Deal Scheme and by choosing the right installer, you can now get your entire house externally insulated and finished in a new render for a total cost of around £2 – £2.5K, making this a far better option than UPVC cladding.

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