We are in the process of buying this house – Langley – near Slough.
We have just been advised by the mortgage surveyor that it is steel framed and the lender has declined the mortgage.

We are now very worried about the construction type and any issues with proceeding with the purchase. Can anyone help in identifying the type and letting us know how it is made?


cherry ave

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Thanks for the answer Marc,

We have since found out its a ‘trusteel MkII ‘ frame construction utilising 6inch x 1inch beams riveted back to back to form compound beams. We are in the process of having an intrusive survey done on the house (brick removal to assess frame base condition) and have an approved mortgage with Santander.

We have been back and looked at the frames in the loft and all is good. The house is built with frames every 850mm with steel frame floors/ceilings. The external skin is a standard brick and the internal walls are 2 inch concrete blockwork. Internal/dividing walls are 4 inch – possibly block or brick.

Hope that helps.

Not sure why I only got your reply tonight (14/8/14) when you answered 5 weeks ago though?

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Hi Farnzie

I have spent several hours over the weekend trying to identify this construction type for you without success.

It doesn’t match up with any of the identified properties in my Building Research Establishment (BRE) register either.

Have you been able to contact the estate agent and ask for further information?

Steel framed buildings aren’t a problem as long as the the building type hasn’t been designated as defective and you also choose a lender who is happy to consider non-traditional properties.

If you do find out the construction through the agent, will you please let me know the result.

This has been a very frustrating search and it would be good to finally know the answer.



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