Hello everyone
It’s been a while since my last post but I was wondering if anyone has any any images of interior design ideas for my Daughters BISF house.

We are in the process of stripping everything out and all is going well thanks to much of the information on this site and from the community.

From my perspective, this is the most critical time for utilising and incorporating design ideas if we are to drag this property into the 21st century.

So far everything has gone well and we are really pleased with our purchase but if anyone has any thoughts or ideas they would be very well received.

DR John

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Hello Dr John
Welcome back and thank you for your question.
I have seen some very impressive BISF interiors over the years and often wished I had my camera handy to take some photographs to share with everyone.
I think beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, this is of course true in life and just as relevant with personal opinions over decor. There are traditionalists and modernist etc but my favourite interior to date would be a recently marketed and sold property featured by Stoneshaw Estate Agents of Essex.
The property in question was located in Canberra Crescent, Dagenham and although not particularly striking from the outside, the design and layout of the homes interior was outstanding.
I would like to give further credit to the Estate Agent Stoneshaw, who I feel marketed this property extremely well, providing high quality images along with well written property details.

Take a look and let me know what you think.


[gallery ids="12320,12318,12314,12315,12319,12316,12317,12305,12308,12306,12303,12298,12296,12304,12307,12297,12294,12299,12295,12300,12322,12323,12324,12325,12326,12327,12328,12329,12330,12331,12332,12334,12337,12338,12333,12344,12335,12341,12336,12342,12339,12340,12343"]
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