We want to install a wood burning stove in our property, as the chimney is not brick is it possible?
The chimney will be lined so we can’t see a problem, however wanted to try find out before we
Went any further
Thank you

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I’m very surprised that none of our other members have answered this question for you by now, so my apologies for the delay.

You are correct, you certainly can install a wood burning stove inside your BISF house and you can use the existing steel flue providing you use a liner as stated.

There are several ways you can fit the woodburner depending on which type of fireplace you have as some BISF houses were built with the fireplace fitted on the party wall of the living room whilst other were located on the back wall of the living room.

Take a look at this post. http://bisfhouse.com/fit-woodburner-instead-of-gas-fire-and-back-boiler/

I hope it helps

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