External Wall Insulation

Hawksley BL8 Aluminium Bungalow

Manufacturer: A W Hawksley Ltd – Bristol Aeroplane Co. Forms: Detached, semi-detached and terraced bungalows Built between 1948 -1950 AKA: Permanent Aluminium Bungalow, BL8D Aluminium Bungalow, Blackburn, Hawksley Aluminium Bungalow BL8 , BL8D, Permanent Aluminium Total Built: 55,000 The BL8 Bungalow is an aluminium framed system constructed between 1948 and 1950 and are semi-detached and detached units. Constructed almost entirely of aluminium, …

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SPS Envirowall EWI Installation Time lapse Video

SPS Envirowall have produced this amazing time lapse video showing the installation of an External Wall Insulation system onto the existing surface of a typical BISF House in Malpas area of Newport, Wales. There are many different types of External Wall Insulation that can be applied to BISF and solid wall constructed properties. Each system …

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