System Built House

example of a BISF house

British Iron & Steel Federation BISF House

The British Iron & Steel Federation (B.I.S.F) Steel Framed House Manufacturer British Iron & Steel Federation/ British Steel Homes Ltd Architect/ Designer Sir Frederick Gibberd Engineer Donovan Lee Also Known As BISF : British Iron & Steel Federation Number Built 36,053 Duration 1944-50 Prior to the end of WWII, the British Iron & Steel Federation …

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Alcrete Precast Concrete House

Alcrete Precast Concrete House Manufacturer: The Structural and Mechanical Development Engineers Ltd Designed By: The Bristol Aeroplane (Housing) Co. Period Built: 1940’s Number Built: n/k AKA: Alcrete Mk I/ Alcrete Mk II/ Bristol Aeroplane The Alcrete House is sometimes mistakenly misidentified as a BISF House, due to external design similarities. Built as two storey semi …

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Lowton-Cubit Steel Framed House

Lowton-Cubitt Also known as: Cubitt, LC, LC System and Modulow.  Manufacturer: Cubitts Construction Systems Ltd and Lowton-Cubitt Housing Ltd.  Period Built: 1964 – 1970s. Number Built: 3700. Designer: Lowton Construction Group. Lowton-Cubitt Identification Characteristics: 2-storey terraced houses. Brick panels at separating wall. Gable wall of brick throughout, or mathematical tiles to eaves level, and vertical …

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