Tarran Mark 4 Temporary Bungalow

Tarran Mark 4 Temporary Bungalow

The walls were formed of dished precast concrete panels of storey height and 405mm wide, aggregate faced on the outside. A timber spine was fixed in the joint between the panels to which the lining and insulation were secured. The pitched roof was clad with corrugated
asbestos cement sheeting.
Although this prefab with its concrete panels had a permanent appearance it was classified as a defective house in Scotland under Part 14 of the Housing Act 1987. This is no disgrace however as temporary housing was only required to last ten to fifteen years.

Survival of Prefabs.
The survival rate of the prefab has depended on maintenance and on the value of the site. The vast majority of prefabs have been demolished and replaced usually with permanent housing.
Some however have been well maintained and refurbished, often overclad with brick and roughcast.

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