The Early Years of the Leigh Park Housing Estate Portsmouth, Compiled by Ralph Cousins

During our research we have stumbled across an excellent publication written by the very talented author Mr Ralph Cousins.

This publication provides a unique insight into the history and eventual  development of the Leigh Park Housing estate in Portsmouth.

Published in PDF format, the book offers a fascinating glimpse of the areas rich history throughout the ages and the eventual development of the Estate.

Ralph includes written testimony of from some of the very first residents, which provides a unique insight of life within a barely formed community, devoid of shops, stores and amenities caused by bureaucratic infighting and red tape. 

The Nissen Hut They Called Home.

Bob Hind also contributes to the book by including a short written account of life inside the temporary Nissen Huts that were built shortly after the war in a short section, titled, The Nissen Hut They Called Home.

You can hear an Audio extract of this account below.  

The Nissen Hut They Called Home

I would strongly urge anyone who is interested in the History of Portsmouth to read this fascinating book and discover how the Estate, the people and the housing developed over the years, right through to present day.

You can download the PDF for yourself HERE

Did you or anyone you know live on the Leigh Park Estate Portsmouth?

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